Are you peacocking?

Yes folks it’s finally happened, I’ve gone and gotten feathered.  Yes it’s true, I’m peacocking!  One of my cute friends at work said that to me when he saw my feather….”Are you peacocking?” is what he said, so cute (don’t worry, he’s gay, so it was in no way a come on, I am a married woman after all.)  Anyways, I looooove my new added sassyness!!!  So what I did was go online and researched the crap out of all the places you can find the little feather bundles and I found that is the best place for it.  Soooo many selections.  The best deal I found was thru the Etsy shop Flidai’s Closet.  Her feathers were just what I was looking for.  A bundle of 7 which also included 3 hair beads and a hair threading device.  All of which only costing $16.00 plus shipping which is amazing considering most people I’ve talked to paid $40 just to have it put in  their hair at a salon, which is beyond ridiculous being I did it myself in a manner of about 2.2 minutes, not even……you impressed? 😉  Flidai was very accommodating with my requests and I got the feathers very quickly.  So if you decide to “peacock” yourself then I suggest going to, then refer back to my blog “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” where I have the DIY  feather extension video.  I took some pics of my “peacocking” efforts and I’m pretty happy with the results.  Please remember when looking at these pictures if you feel yourself being drawn to me it is only the effect of the feathers and these feelings will only last momentarily….sorry, this is what happens when you peacock yourself……  Enjoy!


The Wolf

Oooooooooh my goodness!!  I’ve got the fever because Fever Ray’s song ‘The Wolf’ for the movie ‘Red Riding Hood’ is out now on the soundtrack.  Looooooooooooooooove!!!  Gosh they know how to put together amazing, brilliant, spine chilling songs.  Some of you may know Fever Ray as The Knife another group of Karin Dreijer’s.  Along with this new song, another one of her previously recorded songs, ‘Keep the streets empty for me’ is on the soundtrack.  Another moving one, she knows how to get you entranced with a simple song.  So here is a little musical snack for your enjoyment.  Here are both songs for you.  Unfortunately ‘The Wolf’ doesn’t have one of Fever Ray’s artistic videos so it’s just a picture of the movie but it’s the song we’re interested in.  I’ll put money down that Amanda Seyfried is the wolf, just sayin, she’s a little hoodlum up to know good……hehe get it, hood-lum……………please don’t stop reading my blog.  🙂  Anyways, enjoy!

You crazy boy, you crazy!

As we were all happily surprised by the surprise of the new Radiohead album, ‘The King of Limbs’, released a couple of weeks ago, I was additionally happily surprised by the video for ‘Lotus Flower’.  Not just because I love watching videos of rad-cool songs but because some how Thom Yorke makes crazy look so good.  We’ve always known him for his moves, I’m just so happy they made a video that focuses on just that.  He is truly a bad ass.

In anticipation of the release of Ladytron’s  ‘Best of 00-10’ Album on March 29th, I’d like to share a video of one of my fav songs of theirs (included on the album).  There are many but this one really pumps me up, best song for when you go running, yes I do run occasionally.  There are many many great songs done by Ladytron and I suggest you adding them to your play list if you haven’t already done so.  I lovedy them!…then again I love all things British, hehe :-).

Enjoy my video picks of this week!…..


Nacho Poncho!

Nacho (Not your) Poncho!  Hehe GET IT!…..hehehehe I’m funny…. ;-)………anyways, Fall is rapidly coming to an end (pause for tear) and Spring is just around the corner.  So I am taking advantage of the last bit of chilliness to wear my warmer pieces that will have to be set to the back of the closet soon (pause for a another tear).  To make it stick a bit a longer here are some photos to share so the memory can live on a bit longer……I can be a bit dramatic…….enjoy looking at pics of me!  🙂

Poncho-H&M, Long sleeve thermal-H&M, High waist jeans-Urban Outfitters, Socks-Volcom, Boots-Jeffrey Campbell, Fringe purse-H&M, Feather earrings-F21, Bracelet-Briana Rene Designs

Sweater-H&M, Longsleeve tee-H&M, Jeans-H&M, Booties-H&M, Purse-H&M, Bracelet-Briana Rene Designs, Necklace-made by your’s truly (that’d be me)

Banking on Banksy

As most people know by this point Banksy is back in LA.  All I can say is I wish I was there.  To actually be one of those lucky folks that just so happen to stumble upon his street art in the flesh, right in front of you before it’s destroyed or erased, how surreal.  It was Husband who actually introduced me to Banksy.  He became obsessed with him early in our relationship.  You should’ve seen his face when we discovered the Banksy book ‘Wall and Piece’ in Urban Outfitters.  It was like a 13 year old boy discovering his Father’s Playboys……seriously.  🙂  Anyways, that book is our permanent coffee table book.  It’s more than that really.  I love that everyone that looks through that book appreciates it and cracks up at some of the humorous clever pieces.  But to be honest I never knew much about Banksy, I didn’t even really know that he was a secret man of mystery.  It was until recently when I watched the documentary ‘Exit through the gift shop’.  And another confession, Husband has been gagging to see this documentary forever, trying to find it before it was even released.  He couldn’t wait, so he watched it the first chance he got.  However even though I am a fan of Banksy I just wasn’t on the same level of excitement.  But, I can admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong to delay my viewing of this particular documentary.  It was AAAAAA-mazing.  It wasn’t what I expected at all.  And the great thing about this was it went behind the scenes of many Street artists.  Big names such as Space Invader, Seizer, Sweet Toof and Cyclops, Ron English, Swoon, Borf, Buffmonster and many others.  But some of the main ones were Shepard Fairy and of course Banksy.  The twist of the movie was Thierry Guetta AKA Mister Brain Wash.  I went into thinking the movie would be mainly about Banksy, rather in the end featured mainly “Mister Brain Wash”.  If you’ve seen this movie (if you haven’t you should) then you know that MBW was basically a sort of born over night sort of deal and really more about the hype than the artistic core that so many artist pride themselves on.  Ain’t gonna lie, MBW is edgy as shizz and I wouldn’t kick his work outta my house and I do respect his passion of the street art world… just lacks originality.  I could go on and on with this and that on my opinion of MBW.  But this blog is about things I love, so my main point is Banksy is brilliant.  The reason why I say this is he’s got “it” along with many of the others.  They have their niches, their niches are spawned from their own inside personal original creativity.  When the film ended I was left wanting more of Banksy and respecting him even more because of his lack of need for all the hype.  So when he decided to grace us with some of his newest street artistic bad assness on the streets of Lost Angels, lets just say this household was more than thrilled to see it emerge.  Anyways, my point is you got to respect the people keeping it real out there and NOT falling into the whole scenester scene thing cuz lets face it, it’s such a scene out there these days.  So with that I will conclude with one of Husbands fav quotes from Steve Collins….”Don’t believe in the hype, believe in the man.”………….now enjoy these pictures of the recent Banksy spottings you crazies!!!  🙂

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!!

Sooooo guess whose Birthday is coming up on the 23rd…….this gal (insert picture of me directing thumbs towards myself)!!!  Anyways, I love Birthdays!  More others than my own, which I’m sure for most is true as well.  I like picking out gifts and planning an event like a surprise party for a BFF or a big dinner with drunken friends for the man.  But what I love about when my Birthday comes up is that for one whole day I get to call the shots and nobody can speak up even the tiniest disapproval because guess what?….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, and in the words of Cartman “I do what I want!”  So, naturally a Bday is something to look forward to, I’m sure you agree.  🙂  Gifts are usually a part of that day as well.  As you get older though it starts to dwindle down a bit, which really is tragic!  Don’t you think we deserve more gifts as we get older?….I say we remedy that.  So in light of my special day nearing I thought I’d share with you my Bday wish list….now this is in no way a hint to any of you readers out there to go out and get me any of this stuff, I will get it all myself one way or another, you can bet on that.  Unless your name is Jeffrey Campbell and you are taking pitty on one of your obsessed, devoted, average dollar making, shoe loving, will represent, well deserving fans such as myself, then I could maybe be excepting of your generosity on my day.  So with that, here it is my wishlist.  I won’t be a hater if you decide you want any of the items on my list….Ok, I might hate a little bit.  Enjoy!

Jeffrey Campbell-Brit Boot  (found this boot on my fav shoe site, check it out)

Michael Kors MK5260 (I discovered it at an amazing price on Amazon and Ebay, you can find so many things at such great prices on both sites, I swear by them)

Feather Extensions-(Etsy is the best site to find your feather plumes at and I suggest you learn how to put them in yourself, soooo easy, I’m gonna DIY it up myself when I receive my feathers)

Home is where ever I’m with you…

I’m not always super pumped on our place but in the same breath we’ve got a pretty nice place.  Our view is aaaaamazing!  But really it’s always the little things that really make it home.  I love our comfy bed.  I love our stove top where our good ole tea kettle lives.  I love our book shelf that holds and takes care of all our books.  And our scenic shower curtain.  I even love the side table that hangs out with our black lamp all day.  It’s these little things that make it our home.  But the thing most that will always make anywhere we’re living feel like home is….Husband.  🙂  I’m such a moosh.  Here are a few photos I took of my lovable home.  Enjoy!